Crafted by Wonder Women across Rural India.


At Swara, our goal is for every woman to work from even the most remotest part of our country. We encourage her to create & innovate. We bring her dreams to reality and her creativity into your clothes and straight to your home.


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Our Promise

All our creations are made using locally sourced materials and we are constantly working for a positive change towards our environment.

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What ‘Swara’ stands for?

Swara is a brand that stands for a lifestyle that lets you breathe freely, be yourself and know that your simplest actions are causing positive effects in a larger context.

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SwaraWoman #2: Jyoti

SwaraWoman #2: Jyoti

Our Passionate Designer Tailor Jyoti is currently in the second-year of a four-year college degree in fashion designing, which is a true passion of...

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