SwaraWoman #2: Jyoti

Our Passionate Designer Tailor

Jyoti is currently in the second-year of a four-year college degree in fashion designing, which is a true passion of hers. The way she talks about tailoring, you can easily sense her delight and zest for it!

In her free time, Jyoti's mind always goes to stitching and creating new things. You might wonder, where does this undying passion for tailoring come from? The answer is her mother! Even though she is no longer with her, Jyoti's mother remains her biggest inspiration! Jyoti's mother was a small tailor in the village and she grew up watching her mother work.

She told us, “Mein unke liye karti hoon, mummy ka naam badhane ke liye"
(I do it for her, so that people know her name and who she was).

Jyoti's best friend is Reema, a person with whom she can share everything. She also loves wearing jeans, eating burgers, and the color yellow!

Jyoti comes from a small village in Bihar and is the youngest of six siblings! She was living in the city for her education, but when the pandemic broke out she came back to her village.

She says, “In the city you may or may not get the things you want, but in the village (at home) you get everything you need.”

Despite Jyoti's happiness on returning home and being with her loving family, she feels that the last year has just stalled everything for her - her studies, the new things she would have learnt and the work she was supposed to do.

In the time to come, she hopes to learn design and hone her skills in stitching... So as to become a 'master tailor/ (or we should hope - 'mistress tailor') and stand on her own two feet!

Jyoti told us she wants to make her family proud, and become what her mother - due to various constraints - couldn't become.... a REAL designer!

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- Written in June, 2020

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