CraftHER is an immersive ethical leadership program spanning one and a half months, anchored in the heart of India and driven by the visionary leadership of Swara. Designed for passionate youth from diverse corners of the world, CraftHER serves as a transformative journey, blending hands-on experience, cultural immersion, and impactful social entrepreneurship.


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Project Summary

Imagine seeing someone in New York, London, or Amsterdam carrying a Swara tote bag and knowing you played a pivotal role in making it happen. Welcome to "CraftHER," an extraordinary opportunity for youth aged 18 and above, up to 25, to shape a growing social enterprise that will bring handcrafted art and craft products from rural Kerala to the global stage. "CraftHER" is not just about business; it's about creating a bridge between rural women artisans and the world, empowering them and leaving a lasting impact on the ethical fashion and lifestyle industry.

Criteria to be a CraftHER Fellow:

Criteria 1: Proactive Advocate for Women's Empowerment

The ideal CraftHER Fellow is not just empathetic but also takes proactive steps to champion the cause of women's empowerment. They are driven by a deep sense of social justice and equality.

Criteria 2: Action-Oriented

The Fellow is not content with passive empathy; they take tangible actions to bring about change. Whether through grassroots initiatives or advocacy work, they seek practical solutions to address challenges.

Criteria 3: Strong Communicator

Effective communication is a vital skill. The fellow can articulate their ideas persuasively, enabling them to advocate for women's empowerment and ethical fashion within different contexts.

Criteria 4: Commitment to Sustainable Practices

In addition to ethical fashion, the ideal CraftHER fellow values sustainable practices and their role in mitigating environmental impacts. They appreciate the interconnectedness of social and environmental issues.

Criteria 5: Creativity

A creative mindset can contribute to innovative solutions for challenges faced by women artisans and the fashion industry. The fellow approaches problems with fresh ideas and a willingness to experiment.

Criteria 6: Passion for Ethical Fashion

An added advantage is a fervent interest in ethical fashion and sustainable production. This passion reflects a commitment to creating positive change within the fashion industry.


Attributes Developed During This Project

  1. Global Exposure and Cultural Immersion: Fellows will immerse themselves in the vibrant culture of Kerala, India, gaining a deep appreciation for the local art and craft traditions. This cultural immersion will broaden their horizons and enhance their cross- cultural understanding, a valuable skill in our interconnected world.

  2. Hands-On Business Experience: CraftHER provides a unique opportunity to apply their skills in business development, marketing, and sales in a real-world context. Fellows will actively participate in crafting business plans, conducting market research, and implementing strategies, equipping them with practical experience and enhancing their entrepreneurial skills.

  1. Social Impact and Empowerment: Working closely with rural women artisans, fellows will witness the direct impact of their efforts on the women's lives and communities. This experience will foster a sense of social responsibility and empathy, motivating fellows to become advocates for ethical and sustainable initiatives.

  2. Leadership and Problem-Solving: Fellows will take on leadership roles within the project, guiding and mentoring artisans. This experience will enhance their leadership and problem-solving abilities as they address unique challenges faced by the artisans and help them navigate the path to economic empowerment.

  3. Global Citizenship and Ethical Business Understanding: Fellows will actively contribute to a social enterprise with a commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. They will gain a deep understanding of how ethical fashion and lifestyle products are created, from production to market connections. This knowledge aligns with growing global trends towards responsible and sustainable consumption.


CraftHER Value Statement

The CraftHER Project champions a partnership-based approach, emphasising collaborative learning and cultural exchange over one-sided aid. It offers students and Indian artisans an equitable platform to share skills, ideas, and traditions. The initiative nurtures mutual respect and understanding, fostering an environment where knowledge flows both ways. CraftHER don’t come to save; they come to learn and grow alongside the artisans. This reciprocal model not only broadens the fellows' worldviews but also equips the artisans with new insights, ensuring that the benefits of this cultural interplay extend well beyond the confines of the project. It's a commitment to shared growth, cultural dignity, and the empowerment of all.


If you want to apply to CraftHER, click here to access the Application Form.

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Team Swara