Celebrating the Wonder Women in our Lives

Their stories, fill up the air, the green, the brown.
The echo of laughter, splashed across silhouettes.
A wrap of femininity, encased, elevated

To be resilient, bold and kind. Encourage, support and uplift each other.
'Cause after all - Empowered Women, Empower Women.'
- #BOLDage

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Dear Grandma,
Thank you for showing me in your little ways, the POWER of a WOMAN. For believing in your strength first and always building mines.
For paving the way for the woman I am today.
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My Beautiful Nani,

You held me close and taught me about the world, phenomenal woman started with you.

Hi Ma

,To the first Wonder Woman in my life, and the woman who shaped the Woman I am today. Here's to celebrating you!
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Dear Chechi (Older Sister),

I think you are pretty cool even if it only because I am genetically programmed to love you. Thank You for sharing the blame growing up, not for the bruises.
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