Have you ever wondered who makes your clothes? We have!

Swara is one such brand that stands for a lifestyle. Each piece that is created is nurtured by skilled artisans. Swara is a brand that stands for a lifestyle that lets you breathe freely, be yourself and know that your simplest actions are causing positive effects in a larger context.


Designed and handcrafted for you, Swara combines the rural simplicity with the contemporary urban aesthetics. It bridges the two halves of the society by creating opportunities enhancing hidden skills and potential of rural Indian Women with the aim to not only help their economic growth but holistic well being.

So why not include all sectors of society and mobilize them to create a win-win situation between maker and the consumer that leads to sustainability?

For the inquisitive “you” who feels the need to see the bigger picture, who thinks before buying or throwing - To know your actions create more good than harm?

Our garments are made with a whole lot of love in small batches to avoid overproduction, reduce wastage and honour our commitment to our artisans and the planet with a focus on Indian crafts and techniques.

A garment that is handmade and hand woven has its own incredible energy, their subtle flaws and details have a certain beauty and elegance. Women around us are defined by their strengths and perseverance, they are fierce and flamboyant and Swara is that special energy that you can flaunt and feel in each garment. It not just reflects the beauty but their mind and soul.

As an agent for change in society, Asha Scaria - The founder of Swara and a recipient of the Gandhi Fellowship really wanted to create an impact at the ground level while merging urban clients with quality garments and creating a difference to the lives of the villagers in Dungapur.
Impacting Livelihoods
The state of women was the main focus since unemployment was very prevalent in the tribal villages. Swara, is putting emphasis on their livelihoods and making them financially independent. Through her passion for design and garments, Asha has empowered these women by leveraging their vocations and exposure leading to change narratives in the communities.
It wasn't an easy task and the process of ownership towards their village and community was even tougher. The women are stepping out of their stereotypical roles by engaging and enrolling in out-the-norm professions like stitching, designing and marketing through capacity building and mentorship.

By training the women on-the-job, we enable them to acquire skills in training, designing and local business practices.


SWARA was the first Indian brand to be part of The Cultural Intellectual Property Rights Initiative
The first global network that recognises cultural IP rights for craftsmen and women as custodians and transmitters of traditional knowledge, traditional designs and traditional manufacturing techniques. We are extremely proud of India’s rich cultural heritage
and have integrated the same traditional textile knowledge in its supply chain. We partner with artisans from different creative communities across the country in the hope to carry forward a transmission of knowledge and craft to all future generations.
All our designs are co-created with artisans from the Chippa community in Akola, Rajasthan. The beautiful prints on our Gilahari sarees are co-created with these artisans as knowledge partners.
Our hand woven stoles and sarees are sourced from the tribal women of Barama, Assam
The walk towards our vision and mission is building brand recognition and simultaenously promoting techniques to empower rural women.
Empowering women to work from the remotest part of our country.
Building a responsible ecosystem towards communities & our planet.
Educating and creating a conscious circle of sustainability while supporting local crafts.