We love the king of blues. It is one of the most indigenous printing techniques and has been around for centuries. We walked and biked and rode our way to an artisan’s home in Akola. The quaint little town breathed Indigo. It was Indigo everywhere we looked, and we loved it! 

At Swara, all our Premium Indigo colour is created naturally and produced in small batches to avoid wastage. As these pieces are handprinted with natural materials they need to be treated with special care. Having worked with Indigo dyed fabrics for more than a year now, we would love to give you some tips:


1.  Your indigo-dyed garments should be washed in cold water only, separately from other items with a mild detergent.

2. Do not rub the garment vigorously or soak the garment for a long time.You may notice a little blue coming out into the water – this is normal and will not happen after a couple of washes.

3. Hand drying in a shaded area is recommended to avoid excessive fading in direct sunlight. Pro tip: Store them away from sunlight to keep the color intact.

But keep in mind that the Indigo coloured garments tend to fade overtime but this only adds to the character of the garment. So don’t worry and enjoy your beautiful garments!

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