" So what I felt about wearing Swara, is that it's so beautiful to wear something from a homegrown and sustainable brand. What makes it amazing are the prints, the colour, and the most BEAUTIFUL part is that it's made by a group of women from the local parts of India.

It always feels good to wear something like that ♥️

It's so beautiful. It's so much love!

It's women empowerment 💪🏼 - and it's made with Love. Thank you Swara. Thank you so much!🥰 "
Vincy Sony Aloshious 
“ I felt so comfy after wearing Swara. And I feel so proud of myself for associating with you guys when I came to know that it’s an eco friendly and sustainable brand💙

I have so much respect to all the Wonder Women behind this venture. In love with the name Swara - Voice of Women, because of its meaning. Looking forward for more from Swara ♥️💪🏼 "
Ameeta Maliekkal
"The Saree was absolutely stunning and easy to drape as well as handle.
It looked extremely classy and gave me the extra confidence to pull off the look."