From a Job in Media to Running her own Homestay in Goa: The Inspiring Story of Wonder Woman Taranna

When Taranna's lovely homestay in Goa was selected for the "Wonder Women in Hospitality" campaign by Swara, it was clear that she had an epic tale to share. Taranna is a remarkable woman who always finds her way through struggles, thanks to her do-it-all nature and outspoken personality. "When you choose a path your heart wants, that will be the path of least resistance," she says, and her journey is a testament to this.

In 2019, Taranna lost her media job, but instead of sulking, she found herself through counseling and developed a passion for psychology. She started a counseling profession to help others and later ventured into tarot reading and Bollywood dance teaching, managing all her professions with full passion and fondness. When she moved to Goa to live with her mother, Taranna knew that it was time to turn her long-lost dream of running a homestay into a reality.

Through her belief in the divine energy, Taranna followed her desire to finally open her homestay, "Matsya BnB," in November 2022. Her happiness lies in meeting new people, listening to their stories, feeding them homemade food, and indulging in hosting them as a whole. She finds inspiration within herself but also credits her ever-encouraging partner and supportive mother, who cooks delicious vegetarian dishes for guests.

The visitors at Matsya BnB find Taranna's homestay quite relaxing and sometimes choose to stay in and chat with her instead of exploring Goa. The lodge provides not just two bedrooms with all required amenities but also full access to the entire house, except for the master bedroom. Taranna also emphasizes the complete security she intends to provide for solo women travelers, having experienced unfortunate situations during her travels.

For Taranna, success is measured by the response from her clients rather than the amount of money she earns. She prefers to settle down with the little moments and leave the rest to destiny. Taranna closely relates her entire life story to the "Harry Potter" movie, where the main character possesses several magical powers and encounters challenges with full power.

This Wonder Woman is always on the lookout for sustainable brands based in India and women-run businesses to support and shower her enthusiasm. She chose the Parvathi top from Swara, and we couldn't be more thrilled to have chosen her among the 30 other women for the "Wonder Women in Hospitality" campaign. Taranna's journey is a testament to following your heart and finding happiness in the little moments.

Author: Gopika Minu Byju

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