Voice #2: Yaami - The Frank Photographer

Yaami expresses her voice through her photography. Her journey to the camera, as well as the art she produces from it, are dripping in ‘badassery’! Yaami was moved to quit her airline job nearly 4 years ago when she applied for leave to travel and it was denied. Deciding that no one could clip her wings (least of all an airline!) Unsurprisingly, she went on to teach herself fashion photography and has built a name for herself as a breaker of stereotypes.

Scroll below to see some of her photoshoots that sent shock waves on the internet.

Nagavalli & The Joker
Nagavalli is a character from the Malayalam movie
‘Manichithrathaazhu’ modeled by our very own Saniya Iyappan

Woman in a Saree
Accessorized with a cool confidence as she shows off a hairy leg and boots

Woman skateboarding in a Saree and Sneakers

Photoshoot for Swara
Swara was honoured to join the ranks in Yaami’s hall of fame with this beautiful shot in our Gilahari Saree!

We hope that Yaami’s story and pictures have the same effect on you, and move you to do something that someone told you was impossible or worse… improper!

We want to be like Yaami when we grow up, don’t you?

Yaami's favourite outfit from our collection is the Kavya Saree.
Haven't seen that one yet?

Visit Yaami's Instagram page for more amazing visuals!

Thank you for reading and supporting Swara!
Here's hoping your Wednesday is full of inspiration! 




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